Wild Grapes on the Ranch

Wild Grapes on the Ranch
Wild Grapes on the Ranch

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The art of listening (and reading)

A friend of mine just submitted a post to her blog http://mealsandsteals.blogspot.com  that made me think. actually, it made me listen and think. So in response to her prose, I write this….LISTEN. It really does go a long way. My husband tells me I don’t listen sometimes and he is SO right. There are so many beautiful sounds in this world that get muffled with the high paced life we live. I many have, from time to time, given the impression that living it the country on this farm is all peaches and cream. Which would be wonderful, but, it is incorrect. However, if I listen to Lindsey, the above mentioned blog author, I could change some of that chaos in to calm if I practiced listening in the moment.

In my garden I have found that there is a peace that exists. I get a sense of calm and relaxation from simply visiting it. I find a bed and observe what is happening there whether it be the tips of potato vines just peeking through the soil, or new baby plants and flowers emerging where the water is plentiful and I did not dead head the prior season.  I hear the birds and the lizards move and chirp and watch me watch them. These things are reminders that life goes on. Always moving and changing, life is an adventure that can so easily be taken for granted. No matter what your religious beliefs, the garden speaks of so many tiny miracles in every second of it’s existence.

I often tell people how I am surprised every single time my seedlings emerge. I have been growing from seed for years and the wonder of a plant emerging from that tiny DNA laden speck is amazing.  It is that resurrection of wonder that drives life. Babies see it. They are awed at the most mundane sight to us adults. They see and hear so much that we have forgotten to appreciate. My little guy reminds my not to lose touch with the little things we see and hear each day.

Today is a good day to remember that, as I am getting ready to head out to shoot a wedding. There is so much that could be missed if you don’t keep in touch with what is around you at every moment. Weddings are beautiful and amazing examples of the full circle of life and the value of really listening to the universe that surrounds you. 

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  1. Wow, what a great post, Erin! I'm happy you could draw some inspiration from my post and I couldn't agree with you more about truly listening, especially with loved ones. Your garden sounds like such a peaceful place; it makes me want to start my own (but I'm in an apt :( ). I guess we can all find our own sense of peace anywhere so long as we take the time to step back and take notice to the life surrounding us. Thank you for sharing!