Wild Grapes on the Ranch

Wild Grapes on the Ranch
Wild Grapes on the Ranch

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


As I cruised the aisles in Costco the other day, I found a happy surprise, FIGS! My grandmother had a huge fig tree in her yard way back in the day. I rememeber eating them fresh off their tree with their fascinating flavor. I was curious, with my adult palette, how I would like figs now. So, I bought them up. Summer is in full swing here so they were forced to sit in my fridge awaiting a day when I arose early enough to fire up the stove to make the following recipes. I'm so glad I did! I found a great way to use my homemade bread I had frozen and waiting for its chance to become Bruschetta. The recipe, Bruschetta with blue cheese and roasted figs, is in both Polish and English. Scroll down for the english. (Hint: Bake at 400 degrees). 
Fig and Blue Cheese Bruschetta

Recipe number two was very similar save the addition of Prosciuttio and the omission of the bread. Here is the recipe I used,Prosciutto Roasted Figs Recipe

I think would be great fall appitizers although they were delish right in the middle of summer too! Enjoy!

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